Funding Guidelines

  1. In order to apply for A.S.funding,the applicant must be an official A.S.organization, an official University unit, or a student group that has been registered through Shoreline. Such organizations will be referred to as Student Engagement & Leadership organizations, hereinafter referred to as SEAL/OSL organizations.
    • If registered through Shoreline, the organization must be officially registered for one full academic quarter, starting form the following quarter after the group has been created (ie. Organization created week 5 Fall Quarter, will be eligible for funding beginning of Spring Quarter).
    • The organization must also be re-registered for each new academic year in order to continue receiving funds.
    • If the organization does not fulfill one of the above requirements, it will not receive funding through Associated Students.
  1. Does not fund any organization whose membership is contingent upon gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, fellowship, GPA, athletic or mental prowess, an individual’s faith, ideological beliefs, or talent, or any group that places restrictions on membership.
    • Ex. academic honor societies, team sports, fraternities, sororities, political parties, and religious or musical groups.
    • Exceptions can be granted provided that attendance is open to all ucsb students 
  2. If the organization plans on paying a speaker or band a fee for performing at an event,the requisition turned in to the A.S. Administration Office must be accompanied by a signed contract. Otherwise, A.S. funds will not be approved to pay the performer before the performance.
    • Contract and requisition need to be submitted to as admin at least 2 weeks prior to the event
  3. All publicity printed must identify in the following way: “FUNDED BY AS GLOBAL GAUCHO COMMISSION” and use the Global Gaucho Commission Logo
    • This sign of sponsorship should be written on ALL programs, signs, advertisements, posters, handbills, banners, etc.
  4. For food expenditures, each organization will be limited to a $750.00 per year
    • No allowance on food, venue rentals or other related expenditures will be given for expenses related to off-campus event
  5. Only fund T-shirts and related clothing apparels for awareness campaigns only
    • Must be sweatshop free 
  6. Shall not fund travel for personal, or social related purposes 

Non-A.S. Organizations are prohibited from using A.S. Funds for the following purposes unless granted exemption from the Finance and Business Committee:

  1. SEAL/OSL registration fee
  2. Publicity bonds
  3. Awards, trophies, gifts, scholarships for individuals
  4. Personal items (costumes)
  5. Equipment 
  6. Food expenditures (over $750.00)
  7. Per diets
  8. Expenses related to off-campus activities
  9. Travel 
  10. Expenses relating to students attending conferences outside of UCSB